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I use a Chromebook so only have the Web version and Android app at my disposal. When using the Android app I have to use the mouse/touchpad to navigate around due to the lack of keyboard shortcuts. I have a problem in that to annotate an image on android you have to long tap your finger on the screen to bring up the options. You can't do this with the mouse so does anyone know how to invoke the annotate option using a mouse/touchpad or keyboard?

I do have a touchscreen Chromebook but when in my office it is plugged into a large monitor which does not have a touchscreen, the option I have is to only annotate when using the Chromebook screen rather than an external one, but having the keyboard option would be useful. Unfortunately there is no annotation option on the Web version.


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Hi.  I'd imagine Android has mainly been used as a mobile OS on - usually small screens and even smaller keyboards where touch controls were more appropriate.  It looks like it's making the move to mainstream, but shortcuts are still an afterthought.  New apps due out - sometime this year - may include improvements for the usability of both the mobile and the web interfaces.  Exactly what form(s) that may take we won't know until they get released.  Meantime what you see is what you got.  There are automation apps around that can use gesture and other inputs,  and voice control might offer an option: but I've not looked into either of those from this perspective so that could also be a red herring.  Sorry if that's the case!

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