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Make Web Clipper work again



I use Firefox. Zero chance I'm switching to the inferior Chrome. There is also zero chance I'm enabling third-party cookies. The Web Clipper shouldn't need cookies at all, AT ALL. The old Web Clipper actually worked with the installed version of Evernote instead of a poorly-designed third-party-cookie-needing web service. Why do I pay for Evernote again!?!?

It's absolute insanity that Web Clipper needs/wants third-party cookies.

Please bring back a real Web Clipper that doesn't need cookies, especially third-party cookies.

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Hi.  A few Chrome users would argue with you about the 'lesser' browser in the Firefox vs Chrome situation,  but since BOTH of them need cookies - which mainly record your preferences last time  you were at that site - I guess you won't be using either options...

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It doesn't work AT ALL without 3rd-party cookies. As every experienced web user and all web designers know, 3rd-party cookies are a bad idea, and their use has deep privacy implications.

The old/original Web Clipper didn't need 3rd-party cookies, because it was an actual application that worked as you would expect it to, vs. the new Web Clippers is just a dinky web service that requires totally unnecessary 3rd-party cookies.

Firefox vs. Chrome aside, Web Clipper shouldn't use 3rd-party cookies.

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This is - sorry - a remark that does not show insight into how a web application works. Modern browsers do not allow applications to be run, they are based on a concept of internal and controlled add-ons, mostly executed in a sandbox. It was a security nightmare when external stuff like Java Code and Flash could be executed from a browser session, running malware as full apps through the browser backdoor.

The cookie for Web Clipper stores the access information - or do you want to log in every time you want to clip something, and again, and again ... ?

If you don’t like cookies in general, just block them by browser settings, and put EN on the whitelist. You will probably not have much fun surfing that way, but the web clipper should work.

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