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Make Web Clipper work again


I use Firefox. Zero chance I'm switching to the inferior Chrome. There is also zero chance I'm enabling third-party cookies. The Web Clipper shouldn't need cookies at all, AT ALL. The old Web Clipper actually worked with the installed version of Evernote instead of a poorly-designed third-party-cookie-needing web service. Why do I pay for Evernote again!?!?

It's absolute insanity that Web Clipper needs/wants third-party cookies.

Please bring back a real Web Clipper that doesn't need cookies, especially third-party cookies.

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Hi.  A few Chrome users would argue with you about the 'lesser' browser in the Firefox vs Chrome situation,  but since BOTH of them need cookies - which mainly record your preferences last time  you were at that site - I guess you won't be using either options...

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