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I am using Evernote to inventory my craft dies and stamps.   I would like to make labels from the Title info for the packaging; is it possible to do?   Otherwise  my only option is to re-type the Titles, company, model #, etc for 300+ pieces.    Or, is it possible to download the info into Excel or Word and make labels from either of those softwares?

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Hi.  It's possible to get the title information out of Evernote as a spreadsheet, and 'mail merge' individual note titles into labels using a word-processor.

  1. Open Evernote desktop and search for the notes for which you wish to create titles. If those notes are all in one notebook,  select that notebook.
  2. Click in the all notes / search results window to highlight one note,  then Ctrl+A to Select All
  3. Copy and paste the list into a spreadsheet
  4. Mail merge from there

By clicking on the title bar in the results window you can control which columns of information are shown or hidden;  or the full display can be pasted into a spreadsheet and any irrelevant columns deleted.

(I have a Brother QL-570 label printer which can work directly from a spreadsheet 'database' to produce batch labels.)

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On 4/26/2020 at 1:54 PM, Scrappysue50 said:

Or, is it possible to download the info into Excel or Word

Various methods.  I think the simplest is to create a table of contents note    481847476_ScreenShot2020-04-27at7_06_22PM.png.f85228a646d332488493a4aaf7888d31.png
The titles can then be copy/pasted



I'm a fan of taking titles to a spreadsheet foe extended processing

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