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I can't find anything regarding a spell check. If it's available I can't find it. I know I haven't become a great speller. 

Am I missing something? I can't imagine an application of this caliber not having spell check. 

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No problem - it always helps to know some background!  This may help - https://www.wikihow.com/Enable-Spell-Check-on-Android

(Evernote for Android doesn't have a spell checker that I'm aware of,  though the desk version does - Tools > Options > Language in the Windows version.  Android relies on the underlying operating system for spell checking.)

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I believe Android apps generally rely on the system-level spelling checker and predictive text function (AKA autocorrect; AKA auto-corrupt :D). The link that @gazumped provided is somewhat out of date. On my Samsung Android 9 phone, in Settings I have to go down to "General management" and tap that to get to "Language and input"; and then from there I have to select the on-screen keyboard that I use, and then check its spelling/predictive text settings. (It may be different in Android 910.) The advantage of this is that if you add a word to the spelling dictionary when writing an email, that word will also be available (using the same keyboard) in Evernote.

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