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Evernote adds device automatically



Hi there,

I've a free Evernote account, which allow as maximum 2 devices to syncronize

But every 2 weeks, I have an alert that says "YOU HAVE TO STOP SYNCRONIZE ONE OF YOUR DEVICES", and when I see the list, I have a Device I've never synced.
It says is an iPhone cellphone... but I dont use iphone! Neither the people which shares me some note uses that cellphone brand.


Any idea?

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1 hour ago, martinsender86 said:

It says is an iPhone cellphone... but I dont use iphone!

One possibility is that a hacker knows your password and is accessing your account   
Change your password, and only use it on the Evernote site

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Hi, I have the same issues and want to fix this too.

I am located in Australia and someone with an iPhone is accessing my account from Iraq and Indonesia. Surely I should be asked if that was me. Makes me question if Evernote has any security at all?

I have changed my password as suggested.

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