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use case for hiding tags from prying eyes, besides a separate account?



Sometimes I may be using evernote while working with somebody, and I may want to show them my screen but look something up in evernote, and I'd want certain tags to not show up while I do a search re tags.

 I have a variety of personal interests and I don't want them all to show up on the screen.  

Like I might have a secular interest in researching the doctrine of islammic jihad, I don't want jihad to appear in my tag list if I start typing something beginning with j.  I don't want to look like a weirdo.

I might have an interest in the science behind the development of flowers, but I don't want "flowers" to appear in my tag list if i'm working with somebody and working with evernote on my screen to pull up some  programming related note. I might not want to broadcast that and I wouldn't want them to think I am the kind of guy that privately surrounds myself with daffodils 'cos i'm not. And i'd have to explain myself and i'd rather not have to. 

It'd be like i'm trying to show them something and they are getting some misleading snippets of a personal personality listing of me that may look strange to them, and it is just private information. But I want to use evernote in front of people.

I can use Ms Word with others around because I have files on my computer that I don't want to show to a particular person and I know what folder they are in and I don't browse to that folder.  Of course though, I want to use evernote because folder structure and no tags is horrible.

Having two accounts is an option but not great 'cos if somebody else shares one of my personal interests then I'm only too happy to show them but that doesn't mean I want to show them *all* my personal interests..  I might be studying a bit about accountancy but I don't want it known until I actually have a basic level of knowledge. If I am at home and it is just me, then I can have all tags visible.

But if I am out or have somebody round to discuss a topic, then I would want to just limit the tags shown to that topic.   I could prefix my tags pl-flowers and then if I am at a programming meeting then I won't search for pl-  and pl could mean personal. But then when I am on my own it means all those tags are not named nicely. It'd be pl-flowers instead of flowers.  And if I want to show a friend some topic that we share in common like  what causes people to go on jihad, so if I make the tag pl-jihad  then as soon as I type pl- then pl-flowers would come up. So a prefix doesn't work as a workaround for multiple reasons. And there are multiple personal topics.. and an account for each would be overkill. And should be unnecessary . And it'd get ugly as there are many personal topics.

 A similar thing could apply in a search if I want some notebooks excluded from the default search. 

A solution for tags could be profiles for tags so tags could be grouped , and that particular group could be selected to be hidden. So all tags related to x, and all tags related to y, e.g. two groups, could be hidden from search or hidden from default search.


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Hi.  You make an eloquent case for having an interest in the feature,  but as posted this is was not a 'Feature Request' on which other users can vote to show their support.  I'll move it to the 'general requests' section of the forums so that can happen.  If that's not what you want,  please post here and I'll move it back.

I see a couple of issues with your request:

  1. Evernote already have trouble making tags toe the line on a number of different operating systems.  Tags look quite different in mobile than they do on desktop forinstance,  and in some cases are nested... some not.  How much of a problem it would be to try to add hiding tags to the system I have no idea:  and
  2. What's in it for Evernote?  You have a fairly specific interest,  which will cost Evernote some thousands of dollars and a lot of time to code and implement should they choose to investigate further.  It's a 'nice to have' feature that might appeal to some - but would it cause hundreds of users who might not yet use Evernote to subscribe?

(Don't get me wrong, I think it's a good idea - but tags already need a lot of tidying up in their current format!)

Guess we'll see in the voting...


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2 hours ago, barley123 said:

Sometimes I may be using evernote while working with somebody, and I may want to show them my screen but look something up in evernote, and I'd want certain tags to not show up while I do a search re tags.

An important rule is this: don't put personal stuff on shared computers. And you don't need to in this case.

If you want things to be private, make yourself a personal account, that resides on your own personal computer..If it contains notes that relate to embarrassing things, put them into separate notebooks, and don't share those notebooks. Innocuous notebooks/notes can then be shared with an another account without "leaking" the embarrassing tags.

Alternately, you have control over your tag names, and you don't have to use literal names like "jihad". If you want to tag a note as Islamic jihad related, use a tag like "IJ", which isn't so obvious, or anything else, really, like "Prune" or "Mosquito" or "XYZZY" or whatever. But you still run the risk of pulling up embarassing content.

Hiding tags just seems like a mechanism that' would be awkward to implement (you still want to search/filter using embarrassing tags) -- now you need a mechanism to enable them, and you still need to remember to turn it on/off as required. Seems really awkward and not foolproof. Separate accounts is a bit awkward, too, but it gives you control, and it's already built into Evernote. I've used separate accounts for years: I share my personal software development library to my work account, and a couple of other notebooks, but private stuff stays private on my personal machine.

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