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  1. Or better just not have that anchor there at all, I don't think it's doing much. I don't see it in the MAC version DT showed, which validates much better even has a doctype tag and is really well formatted too. They should fix the export in windows so it's as good as the export on their mac version.
  2. If you check an HTML validator you will see that it won't and even your anchor line has wrong syntax. (I think I wrote the correct syntax for an anchor in my first post of this thread). And any validator will tell you It's very quick to test HTML if it is valid , in a validator, You can check it in less than 2 minutes. Go to a validator iike one I mentioned https://html5.validator.nu/ (or the w3 one if you prefer), and you get an option to choose 'text-field' where you can paste in html, and you can try pasting in HTML and click the validate button and see you will see what it tells you,
  3. interesting, your one looks much better and even has the doctype tag. maybe the windows version of evernote has the issue and the mac one is ok I am on for Windows. My OS is win 7. Though it says CE Build in the screenshot below. This is the HTML file that it exports the .enex to/as http://ge.tt/2xDlNd23 when I export it note1.html
  4. this, you see the <a.../> and other stuff mentioned. note123.enex
  5. How can I delete the parent tag without deleting children tags? For example If I select a parent tag and click delete then the only option I get is Also any time I click the parent tag 'abc' it automatically highlights the child tag 'def'.
  6. Sometimes I may be using evernote while working with somebody, and I may want to show them my screen but look something up in evernote, and I'd want certain tags to not show up while I do a search re tags. I have a variety of personal interests and I don't want them all to show up on the screen. Like I might have a secular interest in researching the doctrine of islammic jihad, I don't want jihad to appear in my tag list if I start typing something beginning with j. I don't want to look like a weirdo. I might have an interest in the science behind the development of flowers, but I don't want "flowers" to appear in my tag list if i'm working with somebody and working with evernote on my screen to pull up some programming related note. I might not want to broadcast that and I wouldn't want them to think I am the kind of guy that privately surrounds myself with daffodils 'cos i'm not. And i'd have to explain myself and i'd rather not have to. It'd be like i'm trying to show them something and they are getting some misleading snippets of a personal personality listing of me that may look strange to them, and it is just private information. But I want to use evernote in front of people. I can use Ms Word with others around because I have files on my computer that I don't want to show to a particular person and I know what folder they are in and I don't browse to that folder. Of course though, I want to use evernote because folder structure and no tags is horrible. Having two accounts is an option but not great 'cos if somebody else shares one of my personal interests then I'm only too happy to show them but that doesn't mean I want to show them *all* my personal interests.. I might be studying a bit about accountancy but I don't want it known until I actually have a basic level of knowledge. If I am at home and it is just me, then I can have all tags visible. But if I am out or have somebody round to discuss a topic, then I would want to just limit the tags shown to that topic. I could prefix my tags pl-flowers and then if I am at a programming meeting then I won't search for pl- and pl could mean personal. But then when I am on my own it means all those tags are not named nicely. It'd be pl-flowers instead of flowers. And if I want to show a friend some topic that we share in common like what causes people to go on jihad, so if I make the tag pl-jihad then as soon as I type pl- then pl-flowers would come up. So a prefix doesn't work as a workaround for multiple reasons. And there are multiple personal topics.. and an account for each would be overkill. And should be unnecessary . And it'd get ugly as there are many personal topics. A similar thing could apply in a search if I want some notebooks excluded from the default search. A solution for tags could be profiles for tags so tags could be grouped , and that particular group could be selected to be hidden. So all tags related to x, and all tags related to y, e.g. two groups, could be hidden from search or hidden from default search.
  7. I have tried making a note and exporting it as html. https://pastebin.com/raw/0hf2DP85 The html page opened fine in a web browser https://i.imgur.com/CXCKT9f.png Once can put the HTML in a tidier https://www.freeformatter.com/html-formatter.html I looked at the html and I noticed some errors in the syntax of it Some noticable by eye, but other significant errors show in a validator https://validator.w3.org/#validate_by_input+with_options https://validator.nu/ For example I'm no expert but it seems to me that that's not valid HTML Putting aside the name attribute That's "Self-closing syntax (/>) used on a non-void HTML element." I'm no expert but I think Anchors should be closed like this <a>...........</a> And has been that way for decades and since they were created. There are other errors too like div inside span, and obsolete tags and attributes. And an HTML validator mentions these.
  8. can you do AND/OR with tag search? so suppose I have tags bob, tod, john. so for example, I want to search for A)(bob OR tod) <-- documents tagged bob, as well as documents tagged tod. B)(bob AND tod) <-- documents that have both tags. so each document shown has to have both tags C) (bob AND (tod or john)) <-- speaks for itself.
  9. why does evernote have notebooks (given that it has tags)?? notebooks look like a one-tier folder system to me, and a folder system should be unnecessary with tags.
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