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Using a Stylus on an iPad?

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I would rather not use Penultimate. It is way back behind good handwriting note tools.

Personally I use GoodNotes 5 for handwritten notes. When done, I import them as pdf (searchable) into EN. Others here in the forum use Notability or Noteshelf, among others. Because it is really a question of feeling good with a handwriting app, I would propose to try several and stick with the one you feel works best for you.

As a stylus, there is the Apple Pencil, the Apple Pencil 2 (depending on your device), and that is it. I know of no other stylus that is even close to it.

Taking notes by hand and scan them is a zero-base-option. It works best if the paper is not heavily designed with lines or squares, because the OCR will work best on plain paper or paper with little dots. IMHO handwriting apps perform better. You can take your notes in general in an app, switch to paper occasionally and scan it into the handwriting app. Then you can annotate the scan there, and export the whole stuff into EN for storage and retrieval.

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4 hours ago, RednClt said:

I downloaded Penultimate and now I need a stylus!   
Any suggestions?   
It may be easier just take handwritten notes & scan them?   
Any Feedback?

As per @PinkElephant, Penultimate is not my choice for handwritten notes; I use the Notability app    
The documents are saved in Evernote as note attachments 
Also, the Apple Pencil is the best stylus for use with iPad

Pen and paper works.  I scan using the iPad camera and Evernote's Scannable app

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Scannable is o.k., personally I prefer the build-in scanning tool of the EN editor. It is hidden behind the green „+“-symbol at the left of the virtual keyboard, top row. For more serious scanning I use ScannerPro, for multi-page scanning my ix500_scanner. I have 2 profiles that import directly into EN, one set for simplex, one for duplex scanning.  

Most of my scanning is done using my iPhone, because it’s easier to handle than the iPad, and has a superior camera system. With ScannerPro I can even switch to the 2x-Zoom. With the greater distance, shadows on the document are avoided.

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