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Pb of Weblinks in postachio => blank page

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I started using Postachio a month ago. I'm very happy although I received complains of my readers : when they click on weblinks from smartphones , it lands on  a blank page (whereas the same link perfectly works on computer) 
Example of one post with links : https://aurorelafougere.fr/post/enneagramme-decouverte 

Do you encounter the same issues ? Any clue how to solve it  ? 
Have a nice week-end 🙂


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Since I am not using postach.io , I am probably not a good source for help here. 

Maybe I should give it a try, sounds good to convert EN entries directly into a blog.

Just as an observation: I clicked on your link, then it took more than 10 seconds to open. Probably there is no cache of it closeby (I am in northern Germany), and is had to call the EN content via the API interface. As a rule of thumb you loose visitors when the opening of a page takes longer than 2 seconds. So to reach dedicated users, this may be o.k. Casual web strollers may already move on. And your Google page rank goes down when the web site is slow.

Now I am not sure whether this came from the embedded link, or is a general issue. When I pasted the link directly into a new browser window, it was fast, and it was as well fast when I copied it into a session of another browser (Firefox) that did not have it cached. But maybe it was cached by the provider because I requested it before. Maybe you can give it a try yourself.

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