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  1. For those considering Postach.io, I *just* received a response to my support inquiry. Exactly one week to get a support response. That is poor.
  2. I have created a formal technical support request for this issue. The support ticket number is: 3096060
  3. Public Link to Note: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s19/sh/fcb55def-865f-2698-2750-99a06a580f77/c8d2bc99b05bc247b7552a80c7e55d5b If I view the above Evernote Note through the Evernote Web Application via Chrome on Chrome OS, the third image as you scroll down is orientated "sideways". If I view the above Evernote Note through the Evernote macOS (v10.13.x) Application (latest version), the third image as you scroll down is orientated "properly". Is this expected behavior? As an aside, it does appear that Postach.io, a 3rd Party integration, is handling the image just as Evernote doe
  4. @gazumped - One feature I need is the ability to link to a zip file in my blog post. I would also say I need to post, roughly on average, three photos per blog post. Could you recommend a service that might accommodate this need? On a related note, I submitted a support question over 24h ago. I have yet to hear back from Postachio support.
  5. I am curious if there are any current users of Postachio in this forum. I was hoping you would not mind sharing your experience. Also, I submitted a support request on a Sunday and have yet to receive a response. It does give me pause as to if the service is still being updated. I noticed their last blog post was January 2019. Lastly, for those who have used the service for web publishing of photos, I am curious if you have had photo orientation issues.
  6. @Aurolaf - Are you still using Postachio? If so, I welcome your review.
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