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  1. Hello I started using Postachio a month ago. I'm very happy although I received complains of my readers : when they click on weblinks from smartphones , it lands on a blank page (whereas the same link perfectly works on computer) Example of one post with links : https://aurorelafougere.fr/post/enneagramme-decouverte Do you encounter the same issues ? Any clue how to solve it ? Have a nice week-end 🙂 Aurore
  2. Hi Is there part of this forum dedicated to Postach.io ?
  3. Hi, I'm new on this forum (and not a native English speaker). After blogging 10 years on Wordpress (a blog with 1000 posts, 5000 comments) , I decide to launch a new blog on postach.io. Here are the reasons why I chosed Postach.io instead of WP (it's in French). I just wanted to say THANK YOU to POSTACHIO Team ! I save so much time by blogging on this platform. Is there a part of this forum dedicated to Postach.io? Best regards. Aurore (start using Evernote in 2014, postachio in Dec 2019)
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