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All my scannable scans have disappeared

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2 hours ago, AntoineD23 said:

I use this app since 2 or 3 years, and I never had this problem.

This purpose of this app is to scan documents for transmission to Evernote (or other service)
Have you not been clicking on the save button

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In my Scanable App (iOS) it clearly says „Scan are only kept for 30 days on this device. They will automatically be deleted after this time“ (translated form German). So it is very clear that the Scanable app is only a transfer tool into EN, not a self supporting scanner app.

For this other apps have to be used. As a free solution I would suggest Microsoft’s OfficeLens, which saves into the camera roll of the device, or with an Office 365-account into MS programs.

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Check if in the app the switch in settings, advanced settings is set to keep your Scans for 30 days. If not all scans saved in the app will AFAIK be erased directly on closing the app.

Scannable does not save Scans any longer than this - it is designed to sync the Scans either into a notebook in EN, or to have you save them right away to another destination. Even if the switch is active, it will erase the Scans after 30 days.

Storing scans in Scannable is a very bad idea. You may ask support, but I think every scan only saved inside of Scannable got erased.


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