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Tapping on Notification Message Does Not COMPLETELY Open The Note

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When I receive a reminder in Android for an Evernote document, many times when I tap on the notification, it will open Evernote as expected but then it will display a blank note with the right Notebook name shown but all the other information on the note I was being reminded about is blank. At that point, nothing else responds. I have to close the app. And now the notification is gone, so I can't just jump back to it.  I have had this experience on 3 different Android devices over the past 6 months. I even though it might be that my device was not fast or powerful enough. But then when I saw the same thing happen on my phone that has 8GB of RAM (RAM, not storage - it has 128GB of storage) and a Snapdragon 855 chip, I knew it was not a performance issue. This is an annoying bug. I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling. Would like this fixed or to at least learn how to prevent it. Thanks!

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Hi.  I haven't seen the same on my Android,  and I don't think there have been any other reports in the forums here.  Difficult to know what might be causing this without much more information and some logs from the device affected,  which we - as a (mainly) user-supported forum don't have access to.  As a subscriber,  I'd suggest you contact Support and (if they ask) send in your logs etc.  The only thing I can suggest as a possible cause is the size of your note(s) and/ or the strength of the device's network connection - all notes have to be downloaded to the device;  nothing is saved locally - so large notes and slow connections can mean waiting for a while for content to appear...

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Ding-ding-ding! I've also experienced the exact same thing, (maybe) sometimes when opening a note from a widget, definitely sometimes when opening a note due to a reminder synced through Cronofy to my Google calendar. I find that when I go back to the note (which I can do from the calendar), it then displays properly. In your situation you'd have to actually remember the name of the note and go find it. I haven't found anything to make it predictable. Generally it happens at home on my strong WiFi connection, and the notes are not particularly large. Next time it happens, though, I'll try to see whether there's anything definable about the circumstances.

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