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Web Clipper not available for iPad OS

Aman Gupta


Like, Evernote web clipper extension on chrome is available for  MacOS. Why is that feature or similar feature is not available for iPadOS. One alternative is to tap the share icon in safari browser, then choose Evernote, but the problem in that is it clips the whole web page as note in evernote.

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There are no 'clippers' for any of the mobile platforms. Your stuck with the device OS share function. There don't seem to be any plans to try to develop an iOS or Android web clipper and don't imagine that is even on the development horizon whilst the main applications continue to be developed.

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When the first post was placed, there even where no extensions at all possible for Safari on iPad. It was impossible for EN to develop a clipper since it could not have been installed.

Since iOS 15 extensions are allowed for mobile Safari. So theoretically it would now be possible to develop a „clipper“ style extension.

But still it would not be possible to develop a clipper for Chrome on iOS. All browsers for iOS have to use the Apple WebKit browser engine. The only extension would run on Safari or any other browser based on the WebKit toolset. No Chrome allowed ….

If it is on the EN roadmap ? As @agsteele has posted it is unlikely we will see anything like an independent clipper soon.

Given the restrictions of the current „share“ method, I would like to get one, though !

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