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Search queries like in gmail or outlook



Hello guys,

I have a feature idea to implement a query syntax common in many email clients like gmail or outlook/office 365 have to search across notes. For example, if I type in the search box an expression like this:

tag:sometag title:sometitle content:"some phrase" after:2014 before:2018

It should retrieve notes tagged as sometag with sometiyle in the title, with "some phrase" in the note content and created between 2014 and 2018. This syntax imho would make search way more convinent and powerful.

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35 minutes ago, gazumped said:

Hi.  Try 

tag:sometag title:sometitle content:"some phrase" created:20140101 -created:20180101

and read https://evernote.com/blog/11-advanced-search-techniques/

Drop     "content:"       It's not a valid operator       
tag:sometag   title:sometitle   "some phrase"   created:20140101 -created:20180101
With no operator, searches are a text search on content

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