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(Archived) How to store raw HTML in Evernote without it being stripped?



I had an unpleasant discovery recently when I pasted some raw HTML (Flash embed code, among other things) into Evernote (using it like a web pastebin) and came back later, only to see sync errors and that the notes had been destroyed with stuff highlighted in red like "error on line 1 at column 350: Failed to parse QName 'http:".

I was hoping to use Evernote as a unified solution for my reusable HTML code clippings, but don't understand why it does this — is there a workaround or way to tell Evernote to leave pasted HTML code as is?

Here's an example, try pasting this into a note, clicking on another note, and clicking back on the first note:

[url="http://music.torley.com/album/dream-journal-2"]100 - Xyclones by Torley[/url]

It ends up looking like this:


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This bug was introduced in the last release during an attempt to fix a different text handling problem. Both bugs are now fixed for the next release.


Seems like this is still an issue in Version 1.11.0 (99371).

I simply had typed several domain names in a row and I'm getting this error and it's truncating my text. How do I get my note back?

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