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Ability to use evernote as a frontend application only and sync your notebooks with another backend service like webdav or private cloud



I have been an evernote user for years like 8 to 10 years, but never been a daily user. I primarily use evernote for archiving purposes since it has tagging and very nice search and OCR. However, I would prefer to own my data and be able to house my data on my private cloud which is a Nextcloud instance, and I would presume other people may use other cloud services like Google Drive etc.

I feel it would be pretty cool to have the choice to use my Nextcloud instance as a backend to house my notes and notebooks while the front end could be Evernote.

Now i know that there is a way to have local notebooks however, this misses the mobile and portability features you get with using normal notebooks. Also the local notebooks are not accessible outside of evernote. I think it would be awesome if I could use the indexing / searching / indexing etc from Evernote, but be happy that my privacy is intact since all my notes are being stored in my private cloud and I can still go there to find them.

This something that Notability features with syncing to WebDav for backup purposes which is awesome since I am the owner of my notes, yet I am able to search everything automatically through nextcloud or Notability.


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The idea makes no sense at all.

  • First the EN servers do not only serve as a passive storage, most of the services you yourself mention as important features like advanced OCR, syncing across devices etc. are performed by or on these servers. No Server Storage, no advanced features !
  • Second wo says that he can run a better and more secure private network, than the professional servers used by EN do ? For other reasons and purposes I operate my own NAS in my home network, and I can tell how much time and effort I spend to keep everything updated, safely locked and at the same time accessible through safe methods like operating an own VPN server. I am sure that at least 90+% of EN users would not be willing and/or able to spend the money, time and effort needed to run their own infrastructure. And why should they ... ?
  • Third EN does offers a very high level of security to his users, if and only when they activate the means available like using secure devices, strong passwords plus 2FA. I have no access to the real figures, but I think that only a fraction of all users have really implemented these measures. So why bother about fictional security concerns when even the very real stuff is not widely used ?

If you want to run your own stuff, you better go for other solutions like DEVONthink that saves your docs on an open database on your computer, or run a NAS like a Synology and use the proprietary NoteStation-solution that keeps your notes locally on the NAS. Then all your eggs are in your own one basket, and do not blame anybody if this proves not to be the best idea ...

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7 hours ago, remembereverything said:

I would prefer to own my data

I'm confident I "own my data" even when it's hosted by Evernote

btw  My sensitive data is encrypted
         Full database end-to-end encryption would be a better solution

>>syncing to WebDav for backup purposes ... accessible outside of evernote

I have automated backups using Evernote's export feature (html format)    
ensuring a full data copy housed  on my "private cloud"

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