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I love Evernote, but one feature that I find to be quite hindering, is the inability to create nested notes. I know this is a sentiment that has been shared by a lot of users for years, as I have seen threads dating as far back as 2008 asking for this. I know tags are recommended for further organising notes, but why not just allow the feature of nested notes? I'm contemplating going back to OneNote which would be a massive shame because the interface of Evernote is why I switched to it in the first place. Is there any hope at all of nested notes becoming a feature in future? 

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If by nested notes you mean a 'tree' structure for notebooks,  then change is possible.  Not soon,  and possibly not what you want;  but Evernote is rewriting some of its structure to be more scalable,  and that might give them some more options.  But if you read the other threads on this topic,  there's a confirmation somewhere from an Evernote staffer that the app's current basic architecture does not allow them to offer 'nested' notes.  Fundamental changes aren't easy or quick,  so if you truly 'need' nested notes now,  you'll need to look elsewhere...

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17 hours ago, mimiiiiii said:

Is there any hope at all of nested notes becoming a feature in future? 

Never say never, but nested notes are not a feature of Evernote's structure

In the meantime, I make use of Evernote's note link feature to "nest" my notes   
This could be a Table-of-Contents note, or links inserted into notes.   
I've also used a table to emulate tabs825753689_ScreenShot2019-11-01at08_12_23.png.6bf383dc4086b9577d04ca9d48af8f18.png


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