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I want to share/email an Evernote to myself.

I know how to do this but the app will not let me use my own email address, implying why would I want to share with myself.

Firstly, why the restriction?

Secondly, is there a work around? I don't reall want another email address just to pick up Evernote



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Hi.  Share the note publicly,  which will give you a URL for access.  The note is not searchable and not indexable by Google et. al. so you're reasonably secure unless you give someone else the URL  Send the URL to yourself - no restrictions on email address - and you can open that URL in any browser.  Then again,  you can open the note in Evernote if you go to Evernote.com and sign in.  

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5 hours ago, sumo said:

implying why would I want to share with myself.

I'm curious, Why?

>>Secondly, is there a work around? 

As per @gazumped, use private, public or in-app links

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