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Should I update Evernote 6.12.3 to 7.13?

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Hi, I'd like to update to the latest version of Evernote. My current version 6.12.3 works well enough with the odd issue appearing but nothing too major. I'd like to upgrade, however, I'm concerned the upgrade will have me worse off. I'd really like to avoid having to uninstall, reinstall, or have to manually remove Evernote files buried in my local hard drive, or any of the other issues I read upgrades requiring. 

Any advice? Reasons and examples will persuade. Should I just suck up potential pain for the benefits update will offer? Or should I stay where I am if my experience is working for me?

Thanks for any help.

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Like you, I held off upgrading from 6.11.1 to 7.11, for the reasons you mention.  But after I upgraded my Mac to Mojave, I really wanted to so I could enjoy Dark mode and other features.  So, I'm on 7.13 now, and the only issue I have is that the EvernoteSpotlight util (that runs in the background), seems to crash several times a day.  As a result, the Spotlight index is not always up-to-date.  But I just tested it, and it worked.

I did have one issue when I upgraded -- at first none of my notes appears, and then not all of them.  Eventually, I had to do a clean install.  So, if you have any Local NB, be sure to export them to ENEX before you upgrade.

Overall, I am happy that I upgraded, and most everything is working OK.

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I never was on a 6.-release because I switched from Win10 to a Mac just this spring. MacBook Pro, Mojave: I am quite happy with what I have. At the Moment Webclipper is missing, but that will change soon, I hope.

Important is to make a complete uninstall using AppCleaner, and really check all items in the list. Make a full backup  of your EN data before, especially if you have local notebooks.

When you install, get the program from the EN. Website, NOT from the Macs AppStore. Although it is the same program, the AppStore install will run in a sandbox. This causes all sorts of problems.

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Thanks for the advice PinkElephant. Getting the program from the Evernote website sounds good advice, but no web clipper is a deal breaker!  I'm surprised you seem so blase about it. The web clipper is the beating heart of Evernote's functionality for me. 

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Yes, I agree about the importance of Webclipper. It really sets EN appart.

There is another thread where this is discussed. But currently it is as it is, and that is it.

Webclipper is available, it is just missing in combination with Safari 13. I have FF as an alternative, or I can print a website to a pdf and share this into EN. So instead of stomping my little feet I prefer to take action to get along with the problem.

I am quite sure EN is working hard on this and will release when ready.

But this is independent from EN 7.x, it depends on the MacOS / Safari Release which only allows for 64Bit extensions. I am waiting for Catalina and will upgrade shortly after availability. Too many good stuff in it to miss it.

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