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5 hours ago, DoubleAA said:

i was wondering if there is any good way to sync reminders into google calendar ?

Not an Evernote feature; there is third party Cronofy Calendar ConnectorC3CCEE06-F337-4B65-BB62-89569964DF83.thumb.jpeg.ea2d3b2ee06e3e572eeccbb2abc72f98.jpeg



My preference is to only sync event related notes; I use Applescript on my Mac and sync to Apple Calendar





I prefer a Gantt view of my task reminders.  I use AppleScript and export to a spreadsheet 0C6F8311-A20E-40A8-998C-375F682C3671.thumb.png.1de4d7794ff998fe11882f0347ce5949.png

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