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by default, evernote has font size 14.

when we are printing, this is too bing.

so there should be an option in setting to set default size and font selection too.

I want to keep font size 12, but each time, I make new note and I need to make it.

Missing it.


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8 hours ago, Anil Panwar said:


I am loving web version.
how can I do it here?

Hmmn.  About the only way to have that level of control over the content would be to use a word processor file attached to the note.  It would then be possible to open the file on another computer - provided it had the same word-processor software available - and print from there.  A link in the note to a Google Docs file would have the same effect.  If it's important to see the file content - the text - in the note,  you could copy and paste the plain text version from the document file into the note.

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When you go to the Evernote web app, select the note that you want to change the font. When you click the Edit button, at the top of the actual text column, you get the tools with the text always underlined and some other buttons + some do. Here you can choose the font and size.

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