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Sync-problems when moving to new MBP

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Hi Community


I have a problem with syncing my notes and notebooks when moving into a new MBP from an old one.


My situation:

Basic account (was premium, but downgraded some years ago)

Two devices active  - IOS app and Mac app (both worked in old setup)

When moved into the new MBP almost all of my notes were gone (three notes shared with my family remains)

I tried to uninstall Evernote completely on the new MBP, but with no luck.

I can create a new notes where sync is working both on notes created in Mac app and IOS app between all devices and platforms, but the old notes is not showing up in the new MBP.

Could anyone point me towards a solution?

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Sync everything from the old Mac.

Go into the web client. Check whether everything is there.

In the web client, take the old Mac out as device.

Install EN on the new Mac, enter your account data, sync everything from the server.

Because of the 2-device-limit, you have to take the old Mac out before EN will sync to the new one. The web client never counts as a "device".

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2 hours ago, Ronnie Persson said:

I tried to uninstall Evernote completely on the new MBP, but with no luck.

To uninstall, you need to remove all files - app, database, ....
The app AppCleaner is recommended for this

To force a resync of all notes: Hold the Shift andOption keys on your keyboard and click the sync wheel

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