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Important notes deleted - help needed urgently and unable to figure out how to send email to support

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Hi.  Deleted notes wind up in the Trash notebook.  If they're not there,  then the chances are you logged into a different account,  or you're using a new version of the app.  What OS/ device are you using,  and what version of Evernote?

- Access to Support is a paid-for feature,  though you can (obviously) get assistance here from other users,  and you can use Twitter to contact @EvernoteHelps for low-priority help.

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6 hours ago, Alexis876 said:

I came to work this morning and all my critical notes have been deleted.

As per @gazumped, please identify your device/platform

Two possibilities
- You're logging into the wrong account
- You're using the new web version which has issues.  I posted downgrade instructions here

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