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Changing ownership of a shared notebook

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Is it possible to change the original ownership/creator of a shared notebook? 

I have created years ago a notebook to load all the school certificates of son and shared with him. Now that is well grown-up I would like to move the ownership of this notebook to him. Can it be done and how to do it?

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Don’t think so. Ownership of a notebook is a deep property of the organizational structure of the database.

Have you tried copying the notes one by one from the shared notebook on your sons account ? Have not tried it myself, but maybe it works. If not, you probably have to go inside of the notes and copy the content. I would use a desktop client to try both, not a mobile one or the web.

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Thanks PinkElephant, yes I think you are right the only way is probably to transfer the notes to a new notebook created by my son and shared with me. I thought that there might have been a clever way like on Google Drive to change the ownership but does not seem so.

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No, maybe because it would be sort of a nightmare to sync such a change of properties (and rights) through a diverse structure of clients that will be off- and online at different times etc. If you keep everything just online, you execute the change on the server, and that is it.

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Hi.  Seems to me you already have one answer,  but there are three options (that I can think of...)

  1. Export the notebook to an ENEX file (check the options when exporting to ensure you include everything).  Pass that file to your son & have him import it into his account.  He could create a new one for this purpose if necessary.  The imported notes will probably default to a Local Notebook,  which is good because adding them to s synced notebook will impact his upload allowance and might mean doing so over a few months.
  2. As I think you were already suggesting - share the notebook with him and get him to create another notebook in his own account and copy all the notes into it.  Again,  this affects his upload allowance,  so might need to be staged over time.
  3. The lateral option - if all this account contains is the one notebook,  change the account and payment details* to your son's name and step away from the account...

*see also:  Where can I view my Evernote account information and settings?

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