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BUG Report: EN Mac 7.10 -- Excessive CPU% & Slowdown After Moving Notes to Another Notebook

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BUG Report:  EN Mac 7.10 -- Excessive CPU% & Slowdown After Moving Notes to Another Notebook

After I moved ~4,500 notes to a different Notebook (NB #2), Evernote 7.10 usability went to about ZERO!

  1. CPU usage went to 100%+ for > 1 hour
  2. It was syncing continuously, but ONLY uploading -- It did NOT download any of the new Notes I had created via Chrome Web Clipper AFTER the move notes
  3. When I would change the selected NB to the NB #2 (or any other NB), after 30 sec the note list still had not updated so show the notes in it.
  4. All I did is to change the NB -- this should be a very fast and simple database update!

I am running a brand new 2019 iMac with 512 SSD, 40GB RAM, 3.6GHz i9 (8 cores) processor!!!

I will submit a formal bug report shortly via the Evernote Support web site.



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Thanks for the head up.

Is file vault running ? I had problems during the first days on my new MBP, that were tracked to the initial encryption process. After this was through, things returned to normal. 

But o.k., I have not yet tried to move 1000+ notes around.

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Support Ticket submitted:  Support ticket #2858304

@Ian Small, you should know that now it is very very hard to submit a support ticket.  If I had not had a bookmark for it, I would not have found it.  It used to be very, very simple:  "contact support" was in the Help menu for the desktop apps, and in the "more" menu for the web app.  Why were these removed?  Do you not want people to submit support tickets?

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5 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

Is file vault running ?

No.  Evernote was generally running OK prior to the move.  However, I have noticed that EN Mac 7.10 on my NEW very fast iMac is MUCH slower than Ver 6.11.1 on my old 2015 iMac running Sierra.

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