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when downloading application cannot delete install software from desktop

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7 hours ago, anna@annawolf.com said:

I've just downloaded the Evernote application for my mac. I successfully download and open the application. But when I try to delete the download software from my desktop, the application no longer works. Help! 

I downloaded from Evernote's download site.
When I open the downloaded dmg file. I get the installation screen937121133_ScreenShot2019-06-13at13_45_01.png.4c0482c501c7193023367236adc00ff0.png

After dragging the Evernote app to the Applications folder, I can delete the .dmg file, and eject the disk 

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Same with me, direct download, install and off and away with the downloaded file.

But that it works for us will probably not help @anna@annawolf.com

My next question would be if there was EN installed on the Mac before, or if it is a first installation. if it is the first run, maybe to clean it out with something like AppCleaner app and start fresh would be the best solution. At least theoretically, up to now I did not have to set my EN back on my Mac.

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For me it is weird that the function of an app after installing should depend on the installation file to be on the machine.

If this does not fix itself by de- and reinstalling, maybe you could contact Apple support on this. I do not think this is likely to be a specific problem of EN, more probable that something is amiss on the Mac itself.

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