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Evernote Support is Soooo Disorganised - Last Straw, I'll be jumping ship when better option presents!

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I'm suffering bad with EN last 2 days.  No new notes that are larg'ish or long-form type thingy's are syncing. Whether adding an image to a new or existing note, or trying to save-to-EN, my emails from MS Outlook desktop client that has EN-addon installed.  Normally these types of notes have never been an issue, and I can't point to any changes either in updating EN, my system etc...

Small images are fine, small emails that aren't graphic/image rich save to EN and sync fine etc.  And all other uploads to other online locations work fine.

I have dealt with 4 people today...see image below


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Yes, 1st level support often asks a lot of questions, and sometimes seems to have some trouble to understand the answers.

Have you asked one of them to push the ticket up the ladder ? They have a 2nd level of more experienced/ engineering staff.

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I haven't. Didn't know I could so cheers for that.  About to go Nuclear option and wipe everything of EN from my system, clean and purge system, then re-install everything see if that does the trick. Thanks for your help.

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