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Sugestão: poder criptografar texto pelo aplicativo ou web, aí ele ia ficar perfeito. Outro app como bitearden, lastpass e dashlane já faz isso.
E ter opção pedir impressão digital+senha (obrigatório os dois) ou para ler texto encriptografado ou acessar o app

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You can already encrypt the content of a note in Evernote, which means the text body. You can as well import an encrypted file as attachment - Evernote will not care, but will of course not be able to show previews, index it etc. 

This means as well the server will not be able to index it, so search will not work very good on these notes (only on metadata like Tags, title, notebook, not on the note itself). 

If you want to keep a note for yourself, there is a simpler option (on the desktop clients, Windows and Mac): Declare a notebook as „local“, then it will not sync to the server. This means as well there is no copy in case of a problem. So be sure to look after your own backup.

In general Evernote is not very good for private information. The strength of EN rests in the server / cloud service, combined with search and fast retrieval. Encryption goes contrary to these functions to work.

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23 minutes ago, Guest Jose said:

Tip: To be able to encrypt text by the application or web, then it would be perfect. Another app like bitearden, lastpass and dashlane already does that.
And have option ask for fingerprint + password (required both) or to read encrypted text or access the app
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Text encryption is already a feature on Evernote/Mac904902441_ScreenShot2019-06-10at14_35_42.png.a9f51c681beb189f6d6b22bf30da8a52.png

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