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In-App Links Open Notes in "All Notes" instead of Notebook!?

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I backed up my database and all notebooks and then finally took the plunge with fingers crossed and updated EN from to the latest  (308489) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750)... and I'm using Win10.

My only reason for doing this was that I remembered reading, on the forum or via EN Update bugs report, that EN had taken care of the issue of Notes that are linked to via an in-app-link opening in 'All Notes' instead of the containing Notebook (actually the issue they resolved that I read about may have been creating a new note in a notebook then opened in All Notes - ahh well).  Either I got that wrong, they still haven't nailed the issue over last 2 major updates, or i have a configuration setting I need to re-adjust/tweak etc.

Any ideas... anyone know how to make sure the Linked-to-EN-Note opens in the containing notebook???  cheers

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I just went through my list of earlier forum questions I posted, as I recalled asking about this issue (if it is an issue) before, and found it here from Aug 2018.

The solution that @CalS gave me then was to 'click the caret icon'


...but you just need to be aware that your mouse/cursor must hover over the notebook name to see the caret icon...cheers

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