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2 Email addresses required: 1 for billing account, 1 for user...

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This is a tricky one: Currently the only email address used to send copies/forward notes from Evernote (Desktop version) is the registered email (billing address).

NOW using : 1) A business registered billing email address; IE: myaccount@mycompany.com (billing and account usage)

REQUEST: 2) An optional separate and distinct registered email used for sending/receiving emails; IE: myaccount@gmail.com

Note: Billing address information need not be the same as my operating information (think payment online via credit card with separate billing info VS delivery/contact info).

Any ideas?



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Hi.  My billing and contact email addresses are the same,  so I don't have the same issue. 

Just for information,  would there be a problem if your contact email address was the "myaccount@gmail.com" version?  Any billing-related communication would be easy to forward to myaccount@mycompany.com if and when it is received.

If you are requesting this as a new feature,  would you like the thread moved to the 'votable' feature request forum so that others can indicate their support?

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