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I have a bunch of separate notebooks (I make an individual notebook for every class) and I was wondering if its possible to create a notebook which contains subnotebooks that way I could organize my notebooks by quarter for easier access. Right now I have 21 notebooks and the number is growing at a rate of about 4 to 5 notebooks a semester.

If it isnt possible to have a binder of notebooks or whatever, is it possible to sort by creation date? Or perhaps tag whole notebooks instead of just individual notes?

Maybe theres an addon or something that would solve my problem?

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Actually, excellent question. I use Evernote for the same purpose (I scan everything, it's changed my life)…and I too am starting to have some trouble maintaining all of my notebooks.

I have been considering exporting past notebooks that I don't need anymore, then deleting them from Evernote. That way I still have a backup, but they aren't clogging up my Evernote account.

That being said, I would really rather use a sub-notebook system.

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I wouldn't bet against subnotebooks being implemented some day, but they just aren't in the current Evernote incarnation, and won't be for the foreseeable future..

Back to the original poster. Exporting them so that they're saved is not a bad idea, but not so hot if you want to reference them again. Why not try merging a semester's worth of notebooks into a single notebook by retagging the individual classes; that way the notes for a single class can be distinguished, you'll stop using so many notebooks. I.e., If you have a "Math-101" notebook, a "PolySci-323" notebook, or whatever, tag the notes in each of these with the notebook name, and then move them all into a "MyCollegeFall2009" notebook, or whatever naming scheme you come up with.

Note: you can only tag notes, not notebooks, but you should be able to tag all the notes in a notebook pretty easily, I think, at least you can with the Windows client.


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