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Shortcut search displays no notes on Android but does on Windows

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I am fairly new to using saved searches and shortcuts in EN. My current EN app version is 8.9

I set up some saved searches on Windows and then added them to my shortcuts (also on Windows). Notes appear in these saved searches and shortcuts on Windows but nothing shows in the Android app. The shortcuts show but no notes in them.

I have tried synchronising and restarting the app. I don't know if this is a new issue or old as I have not used saved searches or shortcuts before.

Is there any work around for this? Without the shortcuts it makes my GTD system hard to access.

Many thanks!


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Fellow GTD fan here. Sorry this happened.

Since you are new to saved searches, you might be wondering, does it matter whether you create the saved searches (and/or add them to the shortcuts list) on the Win client, the Web client, or the Android app? Answer: it shouldn't matter, and before v. 8.9 I've been able to use saved searches and shortcuts created on any client on any other client.

Have a look at https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/119365-search-not-working/ see if it describes what you are seeing. It is a pretty long thread that discusses various scenarios or variations on the search problem. Sounds like you're experiencing the saved search & shortcuts variation, not the endless hourglass variation. Or maybe those are two separate bugs introduced in ver. 8.9? If you want the full picture, follow the links in the comments as well.

TL;DR - Open a ticket with support, but if they can't solve it, it is probably a known issue that Evernote shows no signs of fixing soon.

Here are some direct links to some workarounds:

  • clear local search history & clear cache
  • Install ver 8.8 from outside the Play Store (!) and disable auto-updates
  • On Android app, go to All Notes screen, use the magnifying to perform your search from scratch. Then, instead of saving the search, use the "send to Home screen" option from the 3-dots menu. Use that icon instead of the saved search. Somewhere in the comments of the thread, there's a link to another thread with comments where somebody who isn't me proposes this workaround. I can't locate that comment right now, so I can't give them credit...


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Not on Windows at the moment (and my head hurts...) but do I not remember something in Evernote for Windows Desktop > Tools > Options > Sync and a tickbox option for 'sync shortcuts'??

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