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ID'ing beta versions

John in Michigan USA

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Lately there's been a great deal of confusion about exactly what version of the Android app is beta.

If I am looking at my activity log, will it always include the string 'beta' someplace in the version info?

Specifically, what part of the activity log?

If my activity log says:

Evernote version: 8.9(1082733)
Evernote revision: 8.9_2452
Evernote type: public

Then is it safe to say, I'm not running the beta app?

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Hi.  Betas normally show as 'beta' or 'pre-release' versions.  Public means you have what has been released as a general version - though I currently have this -


and if I do check for updates...


So your guess is as good as mine...

Only the Android Beta team know for sure...  :huh:

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