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Request: Font color options similar to iOS

Taylor W.


I recently switched from iOS to Android and immediately downloaded Evernote. To my extreme surprise, I cannot choose my font color when typing on the Android app. I have shared lists that are dependent on color-coding and this is a massive inconvenience, especially when it's something as simple as font color. It's already built in to iOS, MacOS - heck, it's even built in to this forum!

It's mind-blowing that this feature is not on Android and I really don't want to switch to another note app, but I may have to if this feature doesn't make its way to Android.

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There have been a number of requests in this forum to be able to change the font formatting, size, etc. in the Android app. The best strategy would probably be to locate one of them that has significant support, and add your vote by clicking the up arrow at the top. This is obviously a major need.

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23 hours ago, bearghal said:

Can we get the option to change text colour in notes? It's a feature in the iOS version already

Hi.  New editor (allegedly) coming 'soon' - for a variable definition of the word - with the aim of giving a unified experience across all clients.  Have to wait and see...

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