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Did Anyone Else's Monthly Limit Randomly Reset Today?

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3/27/19 I had 9 days left in cycle and 63% of my quota remaining (so 21 days used and 37% of my quota used). 

3/28/19 Today my account shows 99% of my quota remaining and monthly limit resets in 8 days. 



I'm not complaining but I'm a Plus subscriber and like to keep an eye on my usage as I go through the month as I sometimes hold larger files (>20 MB) in a local notebook "just in case" and then move/sync them right before my month resets.

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Happened to me also. I was 3 days off reset and had >3/4 of my monthly allowance used. 

Bingo, all of a sudden reset to full quota. 

Still shows 2 days until a monthly reset, so might not be of a great advantage to me, unless I can find 10GB to upload in 2 days. 😏

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