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Bug: Android "Share to Evernote" - Help!!!!

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Hi. I pay for Evernote.

I study Computer Science, and need to add/organize a lot of articles & youtube video.

On android the "Share to Evernote" behaves really buggy. I use it multiple times every day.. and it is frustrating every day... (compared to a microsoft product).


I do know: In settings there is a "preferred place to drop notes".
But when i set a new notebook as primary place for the "Share to Evernote",
sync everything and after that it does still NOT put it in there! Dammit!*24*7

Please help or update this bug? Thanks.



Bonus: It would be nice when I click the "Share to Evernote", that I directly can select what Notebook to to put it in the first time.
Right now I Click "Share to Evernote", then have to open Evernote... find my named notebook called "_unsorted notes", that is the folder that I specified in preferences. Then move it to the correct place. Now after a 5-10 clicks and 45 seconds later I successfully managed to do, what should have been a 3 click operation. :D

Did you see my "workaround" for the missing feature? :D

 I don't know you you still listen to your customers, but I just would like to give a shout out 😉 I do like Evernote. Hope it will get fixed.


I use a Samsung Galaxy phone.



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Hi.  I pay for Evernote too...

Just tried the same YouTube link on my Galaxy Note which got sent to my default notebook per the Android settings.  Have you tried tapping the green dot that appears when clipping starts to check which notebook the clip is going to?

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