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  1. >> It would be nice when I click the "Share to Evernote", that I directly can select what Notebook to put it in the first time. Right now I Click "Share to Evernote", then have to open Evernote... find my named notebook called "_unsorted notes", that is the folder that I specified in preferences. Then move it to the correct place. Now after a 5-10 clicks and 45 seconds later I successfully managed to do, what should have been a 3 click operation. Did you see my "workaround" for the missing feature? I hope this will be fixed (It works really well in a MS Product : )
  2. Hi. I pay for Evernote. I study Computer Science, and need to add/organize a lot of articles & youtube video. On android the "Share to Evernote" behaves really buggy. I use it multiple times every day.. and it is frustrating every day... (compared to a microsoft product). Bug: I do know: In settings there is a "preferred place to drop notes". But when i set a new notebook as primary place for the "Share to Evernote", sync everything and after that it does still NOT put it in there! Dammit!*24*7 Please help or update this bug? Thanks. ---- Bonus
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