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For the past couple of months I've been getting unauthorized push notifications from the iOS app.

"Don't forget the milk. Write today's to-do list in Evernote"

"Get a head start. Plan your next week in Evernote"

I understand these may be helpful for a new user, but for someone who uses the app every day there needs to be an option to shut this off. Between these notifications and the fact the iOS app is so slow, it makes me consider trying Bear again.





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I've never seen this. The only thing I can think of that annoys me about Evernote like this is Context. On the iOS app, I have Settings - Notes - Context turned off, as I do on my Windows PC.

Your subscription is Premium, so this isn't any kind of ad, or shouldn't be.

I'm not big on notifications though and for Evernote I have it to only show badges in iOS settings, no alerts. 

For grins I'm going to turn on banners and see if I get this over the next few days. 

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This is driving me crazy. I can find help on how to turn off notifications that I set up. I’d like to turn off these notifications that I never asked for. Has anyone figured this out or does it eventually go away for everyone? (I just started using Evernote again.)

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