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Changing order of notes

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Hi.  Are you using the installed desktop version or is your Evernote browser-based?  In the desktop version notes can be sorted by date, title, tags,  or any other item you can see in a list view.  If you don't use lists,  look for the drop-arrowed icon in the toolbar.


The web version is less flexible (this is the 'old' web UI)


If you're using the new UI and don't see this option,  change back in Settings.

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Hi, and welcome to the forums! As @gazumped said, in the Windows program notes are sorted according to a specification that you can choose from the Sort Options dropdown dialog near the top of the Notes List. These specifications include created or updated date, title, author, tags, etc. What they do not include is "just like I want them," unfortunately. Quite a few people have requested the ability to reorder notes according to the user's desire, but so far this has not been implemented.

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Thank you Dave and gazumped for your help! I'm using the desktop app and I think my version is out of date. But I was able to follow the screenshot and get the notes reordered. Much appreciated!

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