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Stacking notebooks in Spaces?

Beau Haan


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@Beau Haan Spaces was intended to be an alternative to notebook stacks. Much like stacks grouped notebooks, Spaces group notebooks, but give additional features like auto-joining/sharing for members of the space.

I don't think we currently intend to implement notebook stacks in Spaces, though anything is possible.

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What's the harm in offering the solution for those who need it? If people use it (like my company), great! If not, no problem - it's there if needed. 

We currently need to have a notebook for each marketing topic that should all be stacked together:

- Social Media

- Website



Much cleaner look if this was all stacked within a space, instead of looking crowded in the "space" between all other departments.



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Technically not possible, at least not without recoding the whole application, database and server software.

That is the short version, if you want to read more, the forum has plenty to offer about it.

Learn to use tags, and you are working in line with how EN is set up.

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