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Forum Feature Request re Emailed Summary of Posts


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Dear Moderator:

I have used the forum software "Ignore" feature to avoid being distracted by the posts of members that do not contribute to the discussion. The problem is that the emailed forum post summary includes the text of the Ignored member's posts. Is there any way the software can be configured to leave out that content? 


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11 hours ago, SVHOODS said:

@Etonreve that is a wise recommendation.  I would support that feature, thanks for the post. @DTLow is this something that can be implemented?

This is the Op announcing that he/she has blocked user posts in the forum.  It's not the first time posted
Something like a child in a tantrum, covering their ears and saying "I can't hear you".  It's best to ignore them.

I think I'm on the ignore list.  Go figure.  ?

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The "Ignore" function is a common feature of online fora.  If you spend anytime online, it's necessary at times. Far from acting like a child pulling a tantrum, I am following the request of the Moderators.  At an earlier point when the feature wasn't working, they agreed I should use it when it again became available. They don't want a forum filled with petty, circular arguing. It's a waste of everyone's time.

If I tell someone directly that I'm putting them on "Ignore," which I rarely do, it's a courtesy: "Don't spend your time composing a lengthy response because I'm not going to read it; if you want someone else to, fine." Usually, I've warned the individual at least once in the past.

More immediately, I could request not to receive any summaries, but that would deprive me of forum posts that are useful.


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