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App energy draining on both iPhone X and Macbook Pro



Hello, I notice it more on my MBP than on my phone, but whenever Evernote is open, my battery drains super quickly. 

And on my Iphone as well. As comparison, 2 known energy gluttons, Slack and Spotify, drain my batteries much much less. 

Thankfully, I can still clip and take notes with my notepad (the little elephant in menu bar near the bluetooth icon) even when Evernote is closed but I'd prefer to keep it open. 

What gives? Is anything being done about it ?




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Same exact problem here (OSX, Macbook Pro) - whenever I click on the Battery icon, Evernote is there, under "Using Significant Energy". I have no idea what to do about this - and all my notes are local, not remote.

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No issue at all. Not on my iphone (6S+, battery changed 6 month ago), my iPad Pro or my MacBook Pro.

On iOS EN is below 1% battery consumption on both devices, on the MBP it is not listed under „significant“. I have all of my notebooks in the cloud, plus a complete offline set on my iPad. I can not remember that I ever had an energy problem on any of my devices related to EN. EN is typically open all day long in the background on my iPad and on the MBP.

On iOS, maybe check for typical background jobs like EN widgets or else. I have pretty much cut that to zero, on all of my apps.

On the MBP, no idea.

Delete the apps, and reinstall ? Take care if you have only local notebooks with that approach ! No chance to get them back from the server.

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