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  1. Yes, background colour. So that the whole not is coloured. It doesn't matter whether it's side listed or card view (like i'm using) ! Merci !
  2. Can we please be able to colour our notes so that we can at a glance locate all our "yellow" ones identifying one project ? Thanks !
  3. It would be nice to have a little paintbrush to format the note in the same font, type size, etc. like we have in Word. Much simpler than select all, go change the font and the size. You have a brush that highlights, which I love, but not paintbrush to uniformise everything. Thanks.
  4. My Evernote clipper keeps trying to synch and synch and synch too. My settings are good on my Mac and it's also on in my extensions.
  5. Done as well, of course. It's the wight of the app, and the programming. It applies to all languages.
  6. Hello, I notice it more on my MBP than on my phone, but whenever Evernote is open, my battery drains super quickly. And on my Iphone as well. As comparison, 2 known energy gluttons, Slack and Spotify, drain my batteries much much less. Thankfully, I can still clip and take notes with my notepad (the little elephant in menu bar near the bluetooth icon) even when Evernote is closed but I'd prefer to keep it open. What gives? Is anything being done about it ? Cheers, KO
  7. I have the same issue with my iPhone X AND on my macbook pro. Evernote is hugely gluttonous in energy. Thankfully I can still clip and write with my notepad even if I've quit the app but if I leave it open, which I wish I could do, my battery will drain super fast. A bummer.
  8. searching only with volkswagen in content and in title. Rebuilding the search index sounds like a very good idea. I will talk with support. Can you point me to their link? or number? Thank you so much.
  9. Thank you for your reply. It doesn't appear to be the reason. I've moved all my old notes to my new account in my first notebook. It really is a search problem. I can see the file, but I have to handpick it, it won't show up in my search. I've rebuilt that note to the best of my knowledge and that one is searchable. pfiou. So I will probably just let it be. But it's annoying. The same thing happened with my Vokswagen login page and a few other important ones. Annoying.
  10. What I should add is that note came from an earlier work account. I migrated everything to a new account. So some of these notes are in Import piles. would that be the reason?
  11. My exact search phrase for my note was Desjardins. It usually brings me to my note. As a test, I searched Ian Banks and don't find the 3 or 4 I always found earlier. It's very odd.
  12. It doesn't work on the web either. Could Evernote think I'm not a premium member any longer ?
  13. I'm not using symbols. I've used the search term Desjardins and always found it in the past.
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