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  1. Same exact problem here (OSX, Macbook Pro) - whenever I click on the Battery icon, Evernote is there, under "Using Significant Energy". I have no idea what to do about this - and all my notes are local, not remote.
  2. For security reasons I cannot use cloud storage in Evernote. Therefore, I'm using local notebooks. However, when I go to Preferences, the option that sets the default location for the notes only has one choice: my Shared notebook. None of my local notebooks are listed. What do I need to do to avoid notes being placed in a shared notebook by default? I'm on a Mac. Thanks!
  3. Unfortunately that doesn't help, for two reasons: 1. My profile lists my language as English; there is no indication of anything Chinese. 2. Adjusting my email has no effect. The next time I click Copy Link on a note, I get the same request to verify. I tried restarting Evernote; I re-downloaded a new version from the website. Same effect.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to use the Copy Link functionality. I do not use the shared notes (I cannot afford to have my notes be a part of the next data breach) When I click Copy, it asks if my email is current. I say yes, it asks the same again and again (and the note link is not copied). If I do click Verify Email, it leads me to... a Chinese site (I'm in the US)! Any idea what's going on? See screenshots. Thank you, Paul
  5. Do the following: Type a few words Go back to the first word Select a few words (using your keyboard or mouse) Press Space Bar. In every other app (and Evernote up to the last month or so) this would replace the text. But, in Evernote it will unselect the text and move it by one character. If you try to do it again right after, it works as it should (replacing the text). However, if you type at least 1 character and then try the select/spacebar combo again, it is broken again. All other apps (e.g., TextEdit, browsers) work properly. Any ideas? Thanks! Paul
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