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Can OCRed PDFs be saved outside of Evernote and maintain the OCR layer?

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Hi All,

Before I upgrade to premium, can anyone tell me if this would work?

1. Upload a non-OCRed PDF into Evernote.

2. Allow Evernote to OCR.

3. Save the PDF outside of evernote, with the OCR layer still present.

Is this possible? Or will the PDF rever to it's non-OCRed, original version?


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I don't want to rely on Evernote's OCR because I have a large number of notes with PDF files. I want them to remain searchable if I have to export them. My current PDF note count is 9,309 (by searching with resource:application/pdf). 

So all my PDF notes are created with my ScanSnap scanner option set to create searchable PDFs. It takes a few seconds longer, but once done, it is permanent.


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