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On 9/7/2018 at 2:13 PM, REjaz said:

I used to be able to use TaskClone to Integrate Wunderlist and Evernote?

That would have been my first resource as I use TaskClone with Todoist and Evernote however it is not on their task app list yet.

I think there will be a way to sync Microsoft To-do with OneNote eventually, I saw couple of user requests when I did a search. It also works with Microsoft Flow, maybe look into that too along with Zapier and IFTTT. But I think this will be a tough integration to do at this time.

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At this writing, June 2019, this is possible with TaskClone and Zapier together.  Soon, you'll be able to do this with TaskClone alone. 

Today, TaskClone converts your Evernote todos into email.  Zapier can parse incoming email and create tasks in 000s of apps including Todo.  TaskClone will be adding an API connection to all Microsoft apps (Todo, Planner, Outlook) in the near future.  

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