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Transferring all notes from Basic version to Business version?

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Hi everyone!

Right now I have a personal account under such and such email address and name.

I want to open a Business account under a completely different Name aka: business name and email.

Will this work out okay? If so, how can I go about this? I will upgrade to the Business version then, thank you!


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Hi.  Presumably you're aware that a Business account for an individual is actually two accounts - a 'personal' premium account for the individual and a separate business account with its own identity.  The two operate independently.  You could convert your existing account to premium when setting up the business account - no moves necessary.  Or you could choose a new account with different details and Share your old personal notes and notebooks with the new account.  Logged into the new account you could then reorganise your notes as necessary.

If all that sounds too complicated for a start-up,  you could always just set up a new Premium account with your business details and share with that...

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On 10/31/2018 at 6:16 PM, service@lisaeddy.com said:

We recently decided to upgrade to "Business" and after a whole mess of fixes to separate what was business versus personal (because EN forces a personal email to be attached, which didn't make any sense), an invite was sent to the business account email (second one), to be a team member with full permissions.

1. This has effectively deactivated access to the second business account that was invited.

2. The invitation is forcing me to add another personal account to be associated (NO! NOT AGAIN!).

3. Why can't I just convert/upgrade what is already a business account, to be part of the primary account's team (and business!??!)??

Hi.  If you have access to any of the other accounts you mention (or actually,  just the login details) you'd be much better off raising this under a Premium or Business support request to https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new

Like I said above,  Business accounts always come with one paired Premium personal account for individual users,  and the central 'parent' Business account which is a control hub for information and access by all users.  I believe if you follow through with the upgrade process,  your existing personal account becomes that 'user' account and you will also have a separate Business ID (I looked at business accounts a while ago and decided the admin required wearing two hats far outweighed any benefits for me personally.  Your mileage may vary!)

Your experience appears to have been very different,  and you really need Evernote Customer Service to sort something out.  As a Basic user,  your support request priority will leave a lot to be desired.  Premium and Business users get the priority you need.  (This is a mainly user-supported forum,  and we just don't have skills or the access to help out.)

I'd suggest you contact Evernote,  quote all the account details you have,  and work out with them how to get everything back on track! 

(I can and will flag your post so an Evernote Admin takes a look at the situation,  but that might take a day or two...)

Good luck.  :)

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@gazumped Your comments about business accounts aren't entirely accurate. Businesses created before Sep. 11, 2017 required there be an existing Evernote account. That account was then "joined" to the Evernote Business and given Premium. You then had access to a "Personal" side and a "Business" side of the account. Removing the user from the business severed the connection to the business entity, but the account reverted to being a free personal account. Any connections to business content would be removed. Should that user get added to the business again, they would have to re-join all business content again.

Businesses created after Sep. 11, 2017 have dedicated business-only users. That is, when you add a user to the business, a brand new account is created for that user and added to the business. There is no "Personal" side. Should that user be deactivated, the account is deactivated. It can later be reactivated, but that account will always belong only to that specific Evernote business. Upon reactivation, all connections to business content is restored.

Today, if an existing personal user wants to create a new Evernote business, they are required to setup a new account for the business. We then have a tool that allows you to move or copy notebooks from a personal account into a business account. There is currently no way to convert a personal account into a business account. We are working on making the upgrade/downgrade process smoother, but do not have an option yet.

This might sound a bit complicated, but it's purpose is to separate business-owned content from personal content. A business should be able to own all content that is created in it. A business admin should also be able to manage and audit all activity in the business. The old way of linking a personal account to a business blurs these lines too much and make it hard to properly offer these kinds of features which are expectations for an enterprise business solution.

I hope this information is helpful.

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Thanks Scott - I applaud the idea of not linking the individual and business accounts,  but I think you just gave me a headache with the explanation - (not your fault,  just.. complicated!).  I'll Evernote your post for the next time I see this sort of query.  Meantime:  any chance of help xxxxxxxxx ?

Edit - sorry that's help for Lisa Eddy - the post above mine!

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@service@lisaeddy.com: I'm sorry that your experience with business was frustrating. We realize it isn't a smooth process and have a team working on trying to make it much better. I'm a bit confused by your comments about requiring a personal account for your "New" Evernote Business account. As I noted above, newly created business accounts shouldn't have any connection to an existing personal account. Are you sure this isn't an old business account that you're being invited to?

Nonetheless, you should really reach out to our customer support. They are more equipped at handling these issues and can help you in real-time, vs. my attempts to help you on the forum.

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