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Can't drag images anymore

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Hi, I used to be able to drag images from Chrome to Evernote. Starting yesterday, when I try to drag a image it only shows chrome logo with a web link. Any idea on how to enable dragging images? Many thanks!

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Hi there!

I just tested this and was unable to reproduce the results you described. I grabbed an image and dragged it straight into a note in Evernote and the image copied over into the note successfully.

To my knowledge there isn't anything we've changed about this functionality.

What version of Evernote for Windows PC are you using? Does restarting Chrome and Evernote fix the issue? Are you able to drag/drop from different web browsers into Evernote?


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6 hours ago, misscoco said:

….. I am using a MacBook Pro.

Which tells exactly nothing. Could be you run Windows with BootCamp, and EN 6.25. This is where you posted. Plus the thread was silent for 3 years.

You better search the adequate subforum for placing your post, and tell a little more about your setup and problem.

With the new client on MacOS drag & drop of pictures works.

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