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Backing up Evernote settings

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42 minutes ago, CWBillow said:

Is there a way to backup all the settings from the Options menu in case I need to re-install?

Not that I am aware.  I take screen shots of the panels and store them in EN, FWIW.

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2 hours ago, CWBillow said:

I'm not at all certain, but it appears that the info is stored at [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote\Evernote].  Maybe some Evernote Tech will chime in here...???

Yes, some of the settings are stored there (and you can guess at what they do), but not all of them. I believe that some of them may be stored in the account database (*.exb). Makes a certain amount of sense to keep them in the database, so different accounts (which can exist in a single Windows account) can have different settings. But I don't really know how much is in the database, and I haven't taken the time to track down where/how it's stored.

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